Faerus, services

What we offer.

We provide you with bespoke, pragmatic, and actionable advice, as well as a maximum of partner time and attention. We do not shy away from proposing creative, unconventional solutions if they may be of advantage to you.

We specialize in dispute resolution and business & financial crime matters. If multidisciplinary matters require collaboration with experts in other fields, you can rely on our extensive network of correspondent law firms and specialists in Switzerland and abroad.

We advise and represent you in:


We advise and represent you in commercial litigation.

Our services include:

  • assisting you in assessing the chances of success of your case
  • conducting proceedings and settlement discussions
  • assisting you in enforcement proceedings
  • seeking interim relief such as the freezing of bank accounts to preserve assets
  • accompanying you before authorities and courts


We act as your counsel in international arbitration.

Our services include:

  • supporting you in assessing the relevant issues and the options available to you
  • selecting arbitrators and experts
  • conducting proceedings and settlement discussions
  • enforcing arbitral awards
  • challenging arbitral awards before the Swiss Federal Supreme Court

We assist you in national and cross-border business & financial crime matters, involving inter alia misappropriation of funds, bribery, fraud schemes, money laundering, criminal mismanagement.

Our services include:

  • defending accused individuals or entities
  • representing plaintiffs and victims
  • advising and guiding you from early case assessment to the criminal trial, if any
  • assisting you in cross-border proceedings and international mutual legal assistance
  • obtaining or lifting freezing orders on assets such as bank accounts and real estate
  • providing tailor-made training to family offices and financial institutions on combating money laundering

We assist you in enforcing claims against your debtors.

Our services include:

  • asset-tracing and recovery, including by piercing through sophisticated domestic and off-shore structures and other asset protection schemes
  • obtaining the attachment of various assets
  • recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments, including interim orders